High quality socks for better performance

If you are engaging In sports, especially high compatible sports, then you already know how important your socks are.

Also these socks you wear to protect your feet, should be made with a certain code of standards that Insures your safety while you engaging In that particular sport.

Thus, In the following article, I’m going to focus on a particular brand.

As we all know that Nike is one of the best in sporting goods manufacturing in the world, it is no brainer to know that, and Nike’s reputation speaks for itself.

This article is a basketball related and specifically about high-quality socks and the effect they have on our performance in the game.

In addition, to interduce some specs, and the materials involved in manufacturing the socks, and how these socks actually give comfort to players feet to make them focus on their game rather on their feet.

 The combination of materials

Key materials

Just like anything in your daily life, when you think about making something you should first gather some resources AKA(ingredients) that the final product or service consists of.

For example, the food you eat, when you come to make a certain dish that you desire, the first thing you do Is getting the ingredients, then after you gather them you mix and prepare them in a certain way with specific measurements to get to the final desirable result.

So, In the case of socks, there Is no difference, to get the final product as perfect as you want It to be, there are some specific materials which are essential to manufacturing the socks.

These materials determine how good and bad the socks are, just like In the case of food, the spices that you chose give your dish Its unique flavor good or bad, and that depends on your choice of those ingredients including the quantity you used.

Following are the actual elements that socks are made of, Including the amount of the percentage of each material used is vary from sock to the other depends on the specific idea behind making them.


The durability of polyester makes it essential for socks’ quality, It is heavier and less breathable than cotton, thus it is absorbed less water, which gives It the ability to wick away excess moisture, so the feet don’t get all sweaty.

In addition, polyester could last longer than cotton if cared properly.

I mean way longer.


Because of its elasticity and strength, it widely used in athletic socks from big manufacturing including Nike.

Nylon has the ability to absorb the minimum amount of water with its light weight that makes it a significant element in socks production, another advantage of nylon that it is a wrinkle-free fabric.


The reason that cotton is included in socks production, Is that cotton is breathable and help airflow through to keep the feet dry, regardless of its ability of water absorption and condensing of moisture, is.


This element is able to return to its original shape after being exposed to excessive stretching and fast drying.

Spandex is a synthetic element that can be stretched up to 5x its original length, thanks to its elasticity and strength, and It’s the strongest among the previous elements.


    • Features ventilation zones in key areas to keep you cool
    • Footstrike-specific cushioning aligns with pressure patterns
    • Nike support system wraps ankle in 360-degree comfort
    • Includes a dynamic arch band for a secure fit
    • Ribbed performance welt keeps the sock from moving
    • Anatomical left and right construction provides superior fit
    • Brand: Nike
    • Country of Origin: Imported
    • Style: SX5369
  • Fabric Content: 58% nylon, 9% polyester, 9% cotton, 4% spandex


    • Sock Size: Small= Shoe Size: Women’s 4-6, Kids’ 3Y-5Y
    • Sock Size: Medium = Shoe Size: Men’s 6-8, Women’s 6-10, Kids’ 5Y-7Y
    • Sock Size: Large = Shoe Size: Men’s 8-12, Women’s 10-13
  • Sock Size: X Large = Shoe Size: Men’s 12-15

The qualities of the socks


As you know that basketball is required a lot of running and jumping which really put a lot of stress on your entire legs, and you really need protection on those legs.

High-quality socks such as Nike Elite Versatility considered as one of the best on providing comfort and work as a safeguard for your feet from getting beat-up by the bottom hard lining ends of your shoes.

Thanks to its cushioned footbed that absorbs force returned from the ground after you attempt a jump, It also keeps the feet from the direct frictional force within the shoes, by providing a good traction force that prevents your feet from sliding inside the shoes.


As mentioned these socks have the ability to let air flow through them, the Included ventilation system Increases the airflow.

With the Dri-Fit fabric technology built within, and the incredible ability to wick away moisture to keep athletes feet as dry as possible, gives it an edge among big socks manufacturers.

Why wearing high-quality socks

When it comes to performance on the court, socks are a huge factor that can determine the outcomes of your game. Thus, athletes make sure they put on the highest quality socks out there.

Ultimately, these socks might be out of budget for some folks, however, this depends on the kind of investment and risks that you are willing to take.

From one perspective, consider the risks you may face along the way – there is a great chance you suffer ankle twist, sprains, and ligaments torn due to a bad socks choice, and maybe even a worse than that, you don’t know it depends, it is an unpredictable situation.

On the other hand, however, you could spend that extra few bucks and give your feet the chance to endure the wear and tear of a highly competitive game and reduce the likability of getting injured during games.

Furthermore, high-quality socks last longer than others low-quality and high-quality ones that may not be designed for high performance and repeated stretching and washing and drying.

A word on investment

In the world of money and Investment, there is a term called value investing. It is merely mean only buy money instrument that has great value that lasts for the long run with the lowest price possible and has a reasonable ROI (Return On Investment).

In our case of socks, we want to adopt the same concept, we want to have socks that have the highest quality possible with an affordable price, and help us to have our highest performance on the court that is ROI.

Note: When I say the cheapest price possible or affordable, I didn’t mean go and get those $5 socks.

What I meant Is that look for the older editions of those socks, for example, the ones from last season or two seasons ago, they still a high quality and give all you need, and yet they are reduced in price.

Sometimes you can even get them in a great deal or bundles and seasons sales deals. There a lot of options you could choose from.

All the best…


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