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Have you ever thought even if for a minute about if your feet have the ability to talk what are they going to tell you?. In most cases the answer is no, you haven’t thought about them unless you got injured.

However, if they do talk, most likely they will say please take care of us we’re suffering every day and you don’t seem to care, we go through serious pain and we’re going to collapse sooner than you realize.

If you think about your legs are your vehicle that you take yourself everywhere with, they just like a car they consume a lot of energy and milages every day, and if you are not taking care of them constantly they will wear down In a flash and caught you without you even realizing it.

How many times you’ve seen people who even don’t turn 50 and they walk like 100-year-old being?, I’m not saying that all of them are been reckless with there health, however, some of them were and maybe still.

Thus, be graceful with them and they will be a servant to you In your 80s’ or 90s’ If It happens and you lucky to live for that long.

Healthy feet solution is everywhere and here’s one of them If you decided to take care of your feet.

Health socks – And why they’re best for you

Socks have Improved and changed over the years, the way of manufacturing them have changed drastically and it will keep improving every year as long as the innovation and science are evolving.

The quality of socks also getting better and better every day, and as the quality Increases our chances of having a long lasting healthy feet increase as well.

Okay, with that being said, how in the world these health socks are the best choice?.

Health socks are made of good high-quality materials, these material are synthetic in most cases, and these material are strong and elastic fabrics they endure the consistent stretching and washing and drying, In addition, they’re capable of wick away the moisture due to their ability to keep the foot dry.

High-Quality socks cotton is kept to a minimum because it absorbs too much water and holds moisture which makes it a great environment to grow bacteria and fungus.

There is a misconception about socks that are made 100% from cotton that they are the best, many people tend to believe that, and it’s wrong it’s a myth that 100% cotton is the way to go.

What makes people believe that is that they don’t know how cotton functions. Thus, wearing quality socks that are made of blends of cotton and other synthetic materials is the better choice.

Here an example of high-quality socks made from a combination of materials.

Who can wear health socks

Literally everyone could wear health socks there are no exceptions, however, they’re highly recommended for people who have a very active lifestyle.

If you work at the gym very often or working in a job that demands a lot of consistent movements like a carrier for example then I recommend you wear them, because they going to save you a lot of pain and exhaustion.

The reason these socks are recommended Is that they have cushioned pads that help relax the ball of the feet and the heel (fat pad) from atrophy, thus your feet feel more comfortable.

Personal Story

Some time ago I was playing basketball on an outdoor court, and I was wearing socks that are Improper, I a fastbreak AKA(counter-attack in other sports) I was running so hard then all of a sudden I hit the ground so hard with my heel, It wasn’t a big deal at the time, but I remember that hit it was very harsh.

Day later I weak-up from sleep and the bottom of my feet if hurting me so bad that I couldn’t even put my feet to the ground, I halted for a while pain eased a little bit so I started walking, but I felt like if someone stabbing me with a knife with high frequency in my heel, the first thing came to my mind is that hit I knew it was it.

Thus I went to a hospital for X-Ray, what I found out is not a fracture in my heel(thank god), but it was a torn In the muscle that extended from the heel all the way to attached the foot toes together, It called (Flexor Halucis Brevis Muscle). This muscle was torn, and every time I relax when I come to stand up it hurts me so bad I had to stretch it every time.

It was a really frustrating situation, but I had to endure it until it heals itself, and that what happened. The reason I’m telling the story is that I want to support my argument about bad socks can get you injured.


  • Change socks frequently don’t wear the same pair with every activity you engage in.
  • Use the right size for you, not too tight and too loose.
  • Wear socks that Identified for right and left (R) should be worn to the right foot, (L) should be worn to the left.
  • Extra cushion always recommended.
  • Avoid 100% cotton socks.
  • Wear anatomated socks.

A word to the reader

The healthy feet solution article I stated above, was partly researched and part personal experience, I tried to be honest and straight to the point.

I was speaking mostly from the heart to deliver to you what I’ve experienced and what scientists have to say at the same time. Thus I hope I did my part In a way that satisfies you as a reader.

I’d be more than happy If you share your thoughts with me In the comments or by direct contact, and If you have any suggestion to me or tips to improve my articles please let me know.

If you decide to get quality socks for yourself, click here to look at the options to chose what suits you.


To healthy feet.






6 thoughts on “Healthy feet solution”

  1. Hello Faisal. Thank you for your informative and thorough article. I enjoyed reading. At the moment I have some problems with my feet that are caused by my posture. I work as a blogger and I spend most of my time on the computer. So, I think you can get the picture.

    Most of the time my feet are not in the best position also and they suffer. I now experience some burnining sensation while i walk. And also, I am a bit overweight. 

    Do you think health socks could improve my state and health?

    Thank you.


    1. Hello Strahinia, 

      First let me thank you for engaging with my topic I really appreciate it. 

      In regard tour question about, Is health socks could Improve your feet health, I’d say they do play a major role In enhancing the likability of getting better feet health. 

      However, I suggest that you change your posture while you seating, I have problems in my knees they in improper alignment they kinda to the inside a little bit, it is a problem i had since I was born, however, I visited a doctor a while ago and he told me that the position of your legs while seating Is matter. 

      He recommended to me that I should extend my legs while seating, and keep bending my legs to the minimum, because bending them for a long period of time causing problems to the ligaments. 

      So I’d suggest the same for you try to keep your legs extend most of the time, If you feel tired you could use a below or some as a support beneath your legs so you feel more comfortable. 

      The other thing Is that you should deal with that weight man, every extra pound toy put on Is impacting the health of your legs as whole, not only your feet and especially those knees man. 

      Knees carry all your body weight around , and you can imagine what kind of stress those knees are encounter.

       So yeah, First thing i suggest is take care o that weight, then changing your posture, and lastly socks come as the least Important among these suggestions, because you could wear them all the time it doesn’t matter. 

      I hope that help my friend, and If you have any question just let me know, I’ll more than glad to help you. 

      All the best..


  2. Great subject. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma, so I appreciate what a good pair of socks means for your feet. 

    There was good information here, but I’m wondering if you could put in another graphic or two in the article. You weren’t wordy, but the black on white LOOKS wordy and may scare off people who don’t want too much to read. But you had your topics split up well and knew the subject well enough to not only say that socks are necessary but WHY socks are necessary.

    1. Hey Kelli, 

      I appreciate you coming by, and Really wish a good health In regards of your suffering with Plantar facitis And Morton’s neuroma. 

      And I’m going to do some research on them to publish an article that help people who have the same condition as you . I really appreciate you told me about It, It gives me a drive to publish and hopefully enlighten some people who may not be aware of it. 

      In regard to the other part of your comment about non wordy people, I will Improve the article and add some graphics to it for more clarifications. So thank you for your point, I wasn’t aware of and now I’m, and I will change it. 

      Also thanks for the encouragement about my article structure, It makes me happy. 

      Ones again most appreciated Kelli. 



  3. Hi Faisal 

    Thank you for a very informative article – much appreciated.

    I agree that our feet are incredibly important…and a neglected part of most people’s bodies.  As a sports lover, I have learned the benefits of wearing socks that tick the boxes you mention…specific left and right ones, ones that draw sweat away from the feet, change socks regularly and look for comfort.

    I didn’t know we should avoid 100% cotton socks and wondered if you could please comment more on that?



    1. Hi David

      Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it. And I’m even happier that you share the same interest as me. 

      In regard to the avoidance of the 100 percent socks, I dig some research and articles, and I found out that they aren’t really good, I was like you unaware of It, however after I read about It I’m now more convinced that they’re not the best choice. 

      Thus In this regard and upon your request to comment more about it, I published a little article about It, and I hope you check it out and give your opinion if you would please. 

      Here is a link to the article:

      I hope It’s beneficial and get your attention. 

      Best of luck.


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