Avoid a 100 percent cotton socks

A lot of people have adopted the (proclaimed) to be a fact that wearing 100% cotton socks is the healthiest way when it comes to wearing a pair of socks.

This myth has spread all over for the past years about that 100% cotton socks is protecting our feet from moisture(Smelly feet), blisters(Hard Skin), and fungus(Bactria).

In reality, with taking into consideration, that 100% cotton socks do absorbs a lot of moisture, which makes it hard to get dry, consequently, our feet become suffocated and get more friction with the socks, in which makes hard to tolerate.

However, science has advanced way passed a 100% cotton and developed synthetic material that is immensely surpassed cotton, to make socks wearable, durable, comfortable, and more stylish.

And this is something we’ll discuss later in this article about why synthetic materials are the better choice.

Socks matter too

Most of the time when people talk about footwear, the majority of the argument goes toward shoes and sneakers, and socks are not even hinted about.

Despite, that socks are no less of an important matter as shoes do, but somehow people seem to neglect it.

A new combination of materials keeps our feet drier than cotton does.

Almost all the new high-quality socks In the market are made from a combination of synthetic materials, from Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex including a minimum percentage of cotton included due to its breathability.

These materials are merged together in a specific way so they can wick away moisture that is absorbed from our skin from stocking within the sock, instead, it releases it outside the sock.

100% Cotton, on the other hand, do just the opposite, it absorbs moisture and hold it within the socks and make hard to be released away.

One advantage cotton have over synthetic materials, is its breathability, it lets the air flow and circulates inside the socks.

Why synthetic materials are the better supporter to our feet

Generally, cotton socks are mostly produced as one layer shape, that set between our skin and the shoes.

In addition, cotton usually comes in a white color, and when we see colorful cotton is nothing but a chemical dye that may also have an impact on the cotton natural property in which reduce its functionality and make more harmful than beneficial.

However synthetic material can be made with a various number of layers, strengths, and colors, due to the human ability to take control upon them an make them functional for various specific activities and purposes.

In this article, I went for more in-depth about the socks that are made from blends of synthetic materials.

No more stuffed layers

In certain times all of us have worn those stuffed cotton socks, they very thick and irritating, and we feel them right after we put our shoes on.

They Sucks aren’t they?

However, Synthetic materials have very thin layers stuffed with the minimum amount possible, so they become way more comfortable and wearable, thus the problem caused by stuffed socks never occurs.

This is important especially for those who have active lifestyle including athletes, and diabetics, those who are most likely to suffer blisters and other syndromes of unhealthy feet due to a bad socks choice.

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2 thoughts on “Avoid a 100 percent cotton socks”

  1. Hello Faisal
    I am one of those who believe that wearing 100% cotton socks is the healthiest way when it comes to wearing a pair of socks. It is the first time I know that a combination of materials keeps our feet drier than cotton does.
    I really enjoyed reading your article and I learned new information about that.
    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Hello Rania.

      Thank you for your engagement in the argument.

      Yes I was just like you clueless about the subject matter that 100% cotton is the best, however, after digging a little research I’ve found that they aren’t the best, but those synthetic materials have the flexibility to be designed and manipulated in a certain way by scientists to make them adjust just the way we want to.

      I’m glad that you find my article useful.

      Thank you.

      All the best.


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